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Data management solutions for healthcare

TTPL Infotech provides award-winning solutions for Healthcare Data Management. Our mission is to support healthcare facilities to archive historical patient data stored in legacy Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and billing systems. Our data archival solutions assist healthcare facilities to decommission legacy systems, reduce costs and ensure data retention for compliance. TTPL Infotech's Fovea EHR Archive platform is HIPAA attested and SOC2 certified and available both on the cloud or on-premise.

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EHR Migration

TTPL Infotech's EHR data migration services help hospitals and clinics migrate to a new EHR without losing their existing data. TTPL Infotech can do clinical data migration of all your current and past data to your updated EHR or archive system.

EHR Data Archival

TTPL Infotech supports hospitals archive historical patient data from legacy EHRs to a cost-effective archive, supporting them to stay compliant, using AI and BI platforms.

Legacy AR wind-down

Fovea Billing Archive consolidates accounts receivable from legacy billing systems. Maintain account balances even after legacy systems have been decommissioned.

Why TTPL Infotech?

Transforming HIT Solutions and Careers

TTPL Infotech offers an extensive training program to onboard employees – “Data Management University”.

Data Management University is a four-week program. This helps understand the product life cycle, the tools used and a chance to work on assignments to get a hands-on experience of the tasks.

This program makes TTPL Infotech unique, and it helps new joiners fresh out of college adapt to their new projects quickly. Also, for experienced members who are new to the EHR domain this helps them understand the projects easily.

TTPL Infotech Team
We learn together and grow

At TTPL Infotech, we are subject matter experts in HIT Data Management. As a member of Team TTPL, you will experience a Company Culture that focuses on:

Our Culture: We are fast-paced, meritocratic, enablers of outstanding professional opportunities to all those who want to take them. We have a collaborative environment where all of us are willing to help each other. We are ambitious learners who seek to evolve.

Employee Stories

Professionally and personally, TTPL Infotech has transformed my career. The team has created one of the most nurturing environments, I have ever been part of. Being among such talented and upcoming people and being able to mentor them gives me satisfaction.

TTPL Infotech Team Member

Premananth S

@TTPL Infotech for 8.5 years

Through TTPL Infotech, my career has continued to move in the direction I wanted. My colleagues guided me throughout my career and supported me in learning. If you're looking to build a fantastic career platform, TTPL Infotech is the perfect place for you!

TTPL Infotech Team Member

Manikandan V

@TTPL Infotech for 5.1 years

TTPL Infotech is the first company that I worked for. Guidance imparted by our founder and other senior members helped me learn and contribute. Each team member here is eager to extend their hands to one another to achieve the goals. Thanks, TTPL Infotech for the wonderful journey!

TTPL Infotech Team Member

Dharanitharan J

@TTPL Infotech for 6.9 years

I love working at TTPL Infotech because it is fun! It's great to work with an experienced team of mentors who have no hesitation in sharing their experiences and knowledge together in a spirit of mutual concern. I’m proud to be amongst such incredible people. Thanks, TTPL Infotech!

TTPL Infotech Team Member

Jayavignesh B

@TTPL Infotech for 4 months

There is no better environment to learn, experiment, and excel than TTPL Infotech. Comprehensively, joining TTPL Infotech has proven to be a fantastic decision in enriching my career.

TTPL Infotech Team Member

Jagan V

@TTPL Infotech for 2.3 years

The work culture here at TTPL Infotech is quite tremendous. And, it has a perfect work-life balance. The hybrid work model they provided is very enticing to me as it allowed me to work from home for a few days a week. Depending on how diligently we maintain our record, we are rewarded and recognized monthly. Overall, I am absolutely thrilled to be working with TTPL Infotech.

TTPL Infotech Team Member

Mercy P

@TTPL Infotech for 6.9 years

TTPL Infotech is one of the friendliest companies around. At TTPL Infotech, I am most attracted to the young, dynamic team providing me with many opportunities. They also have a hybrid work model, which allows me to work from home a few days a week as well as work at the office the rest of the week. TTPL Infotech is an amazing place to become exponentially successful in your career.

TTPL Infotech Team Member

Neethu C

@TTPL Infotech for 4.1 years

The good part of working for TTPL Infotech is the friendly environment. There is room for fun, activities, and bonding among the team. They have attractive employee benefit schemes too. TTPL Infotech is an amazing place to work!

TTPL Infotech Team Member

Poornima R

@TTPL Infotech for 3.2 years

Life at TTPL

At TTPL, we serve some of the largest healthcare organizations in the United States. Our fast-paced, collaborative environment ensures that our employees are provided with ample opportunities to learn, contribute, and grow. Through constant training and guidance, TTPL employees can achieve their best work and meaningfully advance their careers. Our team is young and energetic, willing to help and uplift each other, and hence TTPL is rightly called A friendly workplace by its employees.

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Innovation starts with inspiration. We strive to inspire and empower our employees to find the best solutions in the health data management space and deliver an award-winning customer experience.

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