Our Mission, Vision and Values


To manage and protect digital assets and provide easy, timely, and meaningful access for business continuity.


To connect people and data without boundaries or limitations.

Triyam Tenets

1. Patient data safety.
2. Quality of all deliverables.
3. Efficiency in what we do.


Timely and responsive
We make decisions with proactivity in our actions. We never leave anyone hanging.
We do what we do well. When we are faced with a challenge, we are obsessed with finding a solution.
Integral before anything
We build trust through ethical and responsible behaviors. We act with honesty, always.
Youthful mindset
We are curious, seek continuous improvement and embrace learning opportunities with enthusiasm.
Our relentless feeling of ownership compels us to accept full responsibility for our commitments, actions and results.
Making a difference
We rely on, support and provide opportunities to all our stakeholders, starting with our employees.